Winter Opera St Louis


Winter Opera Loves It’s Volunteers!

There are many ways to volunteer to help out at Winter Opera Saint Louis. Email us at to let us know how you would like to be involved.

  • Productions: There are many roles for our volunteers to play during our productions, from ushering to ticket sales, refreshments, backstage assistance and more. When you volunteer for an event you get free admittance to that event, so it is a great way for students to see our productions!
  • Box Office: Office volunteers work on special projects for Winter Opera Saint Louis in our offices.
  • House an Artist: Many of our lead singers come from out of town (or out of the country!) and stay in local houses. If you feel able to provide a place for our artists to stay and want the unique opportunity to interact with a professional opera singer let us know! You can house one or many artists and are not obligated to provide food or transportation.
  • Media: Spread the word about Winter Opera Saint Louis! Hang up a poster at work, put information about a production in your church bulletin or ask your work about matching donations. Add us to your online event calendar. Forward Winter Opera emails or Facebook posts to people you think might be interested. Follow us on twitter and Instagram! The more people that know about Winter Opera and our productions the more tickets we sell and the more Winter Opera can do as a company.
  •  Bring A Friend: Ticket sales, along with donations, account for the largest part of Winter Opera Saint Louis’ budget – help us out by bringing a friend to the opera! See if a group of coworkers would like to see the opera, or make it a date night. We love a full house!


Please fill out the form below or call 314-865-0038 to sign up!