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Costume Rental

Costume Rental

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Do you require an appointment?
No, we take walk-ins but it’s best to make an appointment so we can pull costumes ahead of time.

Do you require a deposit?

Sometimes. It depends on the nature of the rental and the value of the costume.  Just ask and we will let you know!

Do you ship costume rentals?

Yes we do!  We will do our best to update you with the shipping cost and expected delivery time as soon as we know the final weight & destination of the shipment 

Do I need to clean the costume before returning it?

No, the cost of cleaning the costume is included in the rental price.

What if I stain or damage the costume, am I liable?

Yes, you will be charged for any item returned damaged or stained beyond reasonable wear and tear.  The fee will include the cost of the supplies needed to restore the garment to its original state and the cost of labor.

Can you alter the costume if it doesn’t fit?

Yes, for a fee we can make sure you get the perfect fit!

Can I alter the costume if it doesn’t fit?

Yes, but you may not cut the fabric or use any adhesive or iron-on bonding. The garment must be returned in the same condition it was lent or an additional fee may apply.

Still have questions?  Call 314-865-0038 or email!