Cavalleria Rusticana a great Success!

Hello Everyone,
We had a great ending to our fourth season with Winter Opera’s production of Cavalleria Rusticana. We had a very strong cast and our orchestra led by Maestro Ed Benyas was terrific. St. Ambrose was a beautiful setting for this opera and we managed to have big crowds despite all of the events around town this past weekend. The opera was staged by Allyson Ditchey who captured the true drama of the music.

Joe Tucci the accordion player welcomed all of our guests into the church with his lovely playing and we had costumed chorus members giving out Italian treats from DiGregorios. It was about as Sicilian as you could get. I was able to get my hands on three Sicilian Carts from DiGregorio’s which we used in our production. They added a some real color and character to the setting.

I would like to thank all of our patrons for attending our 4th season. We will be announcing season five in a week and we are very excited about our future. Thank you for your support and your generosity.