Hello Everyone,

I feel like we live in Antarctica! I understand it will be much warmer next week for our production of La Traviata. Thank goodness.

We are well on our way to being fully staged for our production of La Traviata and I have to say it will be one of our best shows yet. All our our artists arrived to St. Louis safely and they sounds terrific. Our stage manager Marie King is a an expert on interpreting the score, has given the cast great incite into their character and has brought out the true drama of the piece. Steve Jarvi our conductor/music director has wonderful ideas musically and will be a great inspiration to both the orchestra and singers. He is a great asset to Winter Opera and we are excited that he is a part of our organization.

Things are coming together. Costumes are being fitted, props and being made and we are all working hard to produce this show. Tell you friends and family about this production because it is one that you will never forget!

Have a great day.