Snow day

Wow! So much snow! I actually gave myself a snow day yesterday since my car tends to get stuck on hills in the snow. I had a great day relaxing with my puppy and fiancé. But I am back to work today!

Gina has been out-of-town singing professionally for the past week and a half, so I’ve been on my own! I’ve been taking the time to reorganize the small room we call an office and start working on the program for our operas in February and March.

The program has to be done by the end of January so it will be printed in time for the first performance on February 18th. Even though I am very organized, it is challenging to get together advertisements, bios and headshots from the artists, write synopses, compile donor lists, create cast lists, edit…and generally make it look awesome! I’m still searching for a graphic for the front cover, which can be the hardest part! Gina and I usually go through at least three covers before choosing one! Often the final product you – the audience – receives has been revised so many times that it looks nothing like the one I first show to Gina.

Be on the lookout for our beautiful postcard! You should get one in the next few days if you’re on our mailing list. If you’re not and you would like one (we have lots of extras), email me at admin@www.winteroperastl.org with your address and I will mail you one.

Administrative Director