Winter Opera St Louis
Season 12 Press

Season 12 Press

Die Fledermaus

[The] “cast delivered a number of pleasing performances, including Karen Kanakis showcasing her splendid soprano as Rosalinde and Karla Hughes as the high-spirited, determined Adele. Thomas Gunther and Freiman made for an entertaining comedy duo..” – Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“Scott Loebl’s scenic design contributed to the festive atmosphere, as did JC Krajicek’s sumptuous costumes, Natalie Arco’s lighting, Laura Skroska’s props and the wigs and makeup design by Jessica Dana.” – Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“Thomas Gunther displayed a fine high baritone to go with his amusingly quick-to-stray Eisenstein. Siberian mezzo-soprano Ksenia Berestovskaya was a physically tiny but vocally impressive Orlofsky, with plenty of presence.” – Sarah Bryan Miller, The Post-Dispatch

L’Italiana in Algeri

“Nicholas Ward displayed a fine baritone and good comic timing as Tadde, while Jason Mallory’s Haly sang well and was filled with suitably comic menace…Costume designer JC Krajicek came up with some clever duds, particularly for the quartet of harem lovelies.” – Sarah Bryan Miller, The Post-Dispatch

[Kate Tombaugh’s] “coloratura was particularly impressive.”

“Kate Tombaugh’s impressive mezzo-soprano soars in her winning interpretation of the high-spirited and determined Isabella. She leads stage director Eric Gibson’s cast with a favorable performance.” – Mark Bretz, Laude News

“It’s another bright success in Winter Opera’s long list of delights.”

“A simply stunning performance by mezzo-soprano Kate Tombaugh as Isabella…surrounded by fine voices in all of the principal roles.” Steve Callahan, KDHX

“Scene designer Scott Loebl gives us a lovely, gracefully flexible palace with Moorish detail. J.C. Krajicek brings her usual perfection to the exotic Algerian garb–as well as to the well-tailored European costumes. Lighting by Natali Arco is quite flawless.” – Steve Callahan, BroadwayWorld


“It was led by soprano Christine Lyons, who looked and sounded exquisite in the title role. She has the presence and dramatic conviction for the priestess, and excellent technique; she held the audience’s attention and sympathy.” – Sarah Bryan Miller, The Post-Dispatch

“Bass-baritone Neil Nelson, as Oroviso, was up to the high standard of his colleagues, with a rich dark voice and solid dramatic chops. Soprano Grace Fisher was sympathetic as Norma’s friend Clotilde; tenor Thomas Taylor held his own as Flavio, Pollione’s companion.” – Sarah Bryan Miller, The Post-Dispatch

“Norma is rich in its musical tapestry, which is woven smartly in Winter Opera Saint Louis’ loving interpretation.” – Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“In this Winter Opera production (a kind of “Winter” Olympics, if you will) they bring home the gold. When they join together in duets or trios the interplay of such amazing voices-the minutely precise synchrony of arpeggios-will delight and astonish you.” – Steve Callahan, BroadwayWorld